quarta-feira, 20 de março de 2013

Miss Balogh is a Hottie

by Miss Balogh
Hi friends,
I back to Pron World of Second Life.
I'm hungry for jobs!!
I started very well in my return.

Miss Balogh by Hoobs
Now I'm a Hottie Hoobs girl!
Who does not want to be a Hottie Hoobs? In a group that has such famous names as Colleen, Serenity, Krystall, Emmanuelle, Ayara, Chloe, Meg, Moonie, Quinn, among others. Who wanted to stay out?

I would like to say thanks for Hoobs and I want to welcome the new recruits.

Maria Collinson by Hoobs
Alexandria Topaz by Hoobs
Envy Watts by Hoobs
Evinae Quivers by Hoobs

This select group still needs two more girls to close the new recruitment.
A little about the group, with the word Hoobs: "When I started the Hotties back in August, I honestly thought it would not last this long. I thought I would have left sl by now or just grown tired of it. But with the help and support of all of you that support the Hotties and this blog. I thank you, it is cause of you that this blog is still going. Also I'm sure the Hotties love it to. With all that said, it is only right that we expanded  the Hotties from 20 to 25. We had some quit which dropped us down to 18. But have no fear , we found some very hot replacements. Currently looking for 2 more Hotties to get us back to 25. But below are the new beautiful Hotties that have joined us. Once again, if it  wasn't for everyone that enjoys the Hotties. I would have shut this blog down. But I thank you and look forward to the future witht the Hotties".

If you want to visit his page you can click here.
Miss Balogh

3 comentários:

  1. Beautiful than ever...
    Back in grrrreat style Pri!!!
    I'm happy you decide return hun!



  2. Good to see you back Priscila, you are as gorgeous, hot and sexy as ever!!!
    I look forward to see you in action, showing of your sexiness ;-)

    Hugs, Malou