quarta-feira, 20 de março de 2013

Brazilian Pornstars: Trail Blazing Again

by Miss Balogh
The brazilians girls in our beach!

Hi friends,
Sometimes it is very difficult to be recognized for our work.
My work is not valued by a large part of the Brazilians. But on the other hand, I'm very happy with the recognition that there is on the part of my colleagues. I am immensely grateful for this recognition there for most of the foreigners who appreciate what I do with great effort. When I started in 2009, being a porn star in Second Life was very hard. Today we have many good jobs in the area and space for many people, the old and the rookies.
I would like to thank Sererinty Juneberry by these words in the  famous  The Pornstar's Blog.
"With killer curves, lots of enthusiasm, and a fun loving naughty outlook, it's no surprise that Brazilian Pornstars are back big time! They have always been around of course. The difference now is #1 Brazilian Pornstar, and Second Life Porn Legend, Priscila Balogh is back too! Editing a new showcase Blog".

Thanks so much,
Its time to have fun!
Lets rock friends!
Miss Balogh

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