domingo, 24 de março de 2013

Lasga Claven: Our dear photographer!

by Miss Balogh
Hi dears,
I have a question to make for you, do you know Lasla Claven?
Firstly, he is our dear photographer. He always visit Braziliand Pornstar Beach.
He has a huge sexual appetite, but is an excelent artist.
Taken by Lasga Claven
He has a great technique of photography and you can check in some pics that I put in this post!
He is one of our official photographers!
If you are also photographer is also invited to visit us, we love great artists!
Layla Starletta by Lasga Claven
Kiki by Lasga Claven
Ellen by Lasga Claven
Recently, he invited me to a delicious photo with his brother Morph Wyx, hope you like the result! But you want to check the picture you need to acess his page (click here).
If you want to make pics with him, just look for him. He will explain what do you need!
I hope that you can enjoy much as me!
Miss Balogh

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