About Us

My name is Layla and together with my sister, Viviane Rosa, we bring to you the Brazilian PornStar Beach. We are Brazilian and we want to be very big porn stars. We know it's hard to stay in this area, but we have the support of Priscila Balogh (Miss Balogh) as our Godmother this industry.

Who is Layla Starletta?
Layla is a bona fide Brazilian pornstar with a huge heart as well as huge...other assets. I'm fun, flirty and drop dead sexy. I also love to be a Personal Stylist and invite you to contact me, if you need a sexy look. I make custom shapes tooooo.I confess I love to be spoiled (find me a girl that doesn't!) and sure I can be a diva bitch sometimes (still sexy with it!), but I am friendly and truly have a heart of gold. My familia and friends will tell you I am wonderful to know.

Who is Viviane Rosa?
Viviane Rosa is a Brazilian girl who was born rich. I love being treated like a barbie. My occupation is shopping. So if you can spoil me, you will be a great company. I love sex, but that does not mean I'll sleep with you. I seek fame. And soon I hope to shine as porn actress.

Layla Starletta and Viviane Rosa
We hope that you can enjoy our blog and our beach!!

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